In 2007, Robb Hall and Andrew Jefferes were introduced to each other and the seeds of The Royds were sewn. They formed their first band together, and performed throughout the year. By 2009; Robb and Andy, along with the bassist from their high school band began performing as The Royds. Usually the youngest band on the bill The Royds would perform throughout Long Island. Creative differences forced Robb and Andy to go separate ways with their original bass player and they spent the next few years performing throughout the New York Metropolitan Area with a revolving cast of drummers and bassists. The two of them finally went into the studio to recorded The Royds' first album. Performing every instrument and vocal on the album Robb and Andy worked tirelessly with Anthony Bilancia from Small Room Studios in Yonkers,NY to make their dream a reality. In November 2014 “Royd Rage” was released digitally worldwide. A few short months later Sergio Hernandez joined the group on drums and everything clicked. Sergio took to the album and made an immediate impact on the live performances. The Royds – Robb, Andy, and Sergio – continue to perform and write together as they work on new material to release in the coming year.