About the band:

Rob (Guitar, vocals): Bellow began with Rob. He had written many songs that he was performing at solo gigs and open mic nights. He grew up in Queens, a fan of classic, moving pop songwriters like Eric Clapton, Freddy Johnston and others. In late summer 2005, he decided he really wanted a band, so he recorded himself, put up a website and put an ad in Craigslist. Rob works as an art director and designs the artwork for Bellow.

Chris (Drums, percussion): Chris grew up in the UK and moved to NYC to begin work with a non-profit organization, working with individuals with developmental disabilities. He played in Lukas, a UK-based band, for 4 years. Chris also played briefly with User-friendly, a New York punk band, but it did not suit his musical preferences. After searching Craigslist, he found exactly what he was looking for. When he first played with Bellow, he instinctively knew it was where he should be.

Andrew (Piano, keyboard): Andrew came to New York to attend New York University. He met Bellow on Craigslist and joined in July 2007. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Andrew wanted to expand on the new musical influences he discovered in NYC and found the perfect opportunity with Bellow. When he's not rockin' out with Bellow, he continues to do some freelance work throughout the city.