It all started in a living room…

SuperCrashingStar is a band composed of S and N and a bunch of floating members who bring their smarts and experiences together in order to enrich the Project.

S & N come from a multi-cultural background going from Norway to Spain and from UK to Japan.

N heard sounds in her head. She often said that she didn't find the music that she really wanted to listen to on the radio. S wanted to make this unheard music a reality. 

SuperCrashingStar was born, casually, in a living room on a rainy afternoon after N & S argued that they could actually make it…

Still, SuperCrashingStar grew out of frustration: How could N & S openly share ideas, on obscure experiences and stories without altering their origins or eluding the complexity inherent to their subtle vagueness.

Finding a common vocabulary became a priority. A common landscape, too. NYC turned into the ideal playground. The right place to test and experiment. S and N soaked the city in and something eventually happened! 

The combination of Music and Lyrics materialized. Melodies blended the message and the form together and gradually, songs acquired a clearly identifiable style. Sporadically, at times, as members came and left, directions changed but S & N carved their songwriting skills and their music started to grow.

Brutal, raw and aggressive sometimes and melodic and smooth, occasionally. Electronic and cold, guitar driven and organic going through various phases as egos and personalities clashed.

A year and a half after it all began, S & N don't really need to scream or argue to convey ideas. Music blends the differences and the opinions express clearly through lyrics and melodies.

S & N are of different eras and different backgrounds but their differences all disappear when the music plays. Music goes beyond the blood, it heals the soul. 

SuperCrashingStar is here and it is here to stay. 

SuperCrashingStar started to play live in Japan during the summer of 2015 and has started to play in NYC during the Fall of 2015.They played Silvana, Shrine Harlem, Pianos, Leftfield and the Bitter End. More shows are lined up in the NYC area and by the summer of 2016 they will be touring Europe and other regions of the USA and Canada.